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The Difference Between Stoneground and Roller Milled Flour

What’s the Difference Between Stoneground and Roller Milled Flour?

Traditional milling is the only way to ensure the integrity, quality, flavour and nutritional value of flour. This is because whole grain is ground in a single pass through and between two horizontal, round millstones, retaining and integrating the wheat germ oil. This simple process is at the heart of traditional milling. Nothing is taken away, or added – whole grain goes in, and wholegrain flour comes out.

New Products at Callington Mill

Callington Mill has some exciting new products for sale.

Sirocco South Handmade Artsian Pasta!
Beautiful Handmade pasta made from 100% Tasmanian grown, organic wheat, stone ground at the Callington Mill. 

Pigeon Hole Bakery Bread!
Sour Dough Loaves made from Callington Mill stone ground flour. Baked fresh daily.
 $7.50 per loaf. 

Tasmania behind the scenery includes Callington Mill

The television/cinema advertisement forms the centerpiece of the campaign and will be available on the campaign microsite from Sunday 24 March.

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